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Giglines is another tool in your arsenal!

Build your uniforms on line knowing they are right and precise. We gathered all of the regulation information so you wouldn't have to. Our developers are constantly monitoring our uniform regulations to make sure they are up to par and correct.

Improve Your Inspections

Create uniforms and learn regulations on the fly with our built in uniform builder. Never fail another uniform inspection.

Every Branch...Every Uniform

Every branch of the military is supported and fully stocked with uniforms, ribbons, medals, and other accomplishments. Are you part of multiple branches? We got you covered as well.

Share Your Accomplishments

Impress your friends and family with your accomplishments. Share your uniforms, new medals and ranks, and even social status on Giglines with your friends and family through social media.

Build Out Your Wardrobe

Our intuitive interface allows you to easily manage ribbons, medals, lapels, and your uniforms from one location. Create a FREE account to see for yourself.

Pass Your Inspections

Uniform inspection coming up? Prepare with your
real-time uniform builder.

Join Giglines and never fail another uniform inspection. Use your real-time, up to code uniform builder to build out uniforms and learn regulations you need to know on the fly.

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