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Join us for a chance to win cool prizes and a spot on our competition winning team in Startup Weekend | New Orleans!

Signup Closed.  Congrats to our winners.

What Is It and Why Should I Join?

Giglines is holding open tryouts for a spot on our team in the upcoming Startup Weekend | New Orleans in New Orleans on the weekend of September 27th 2013.  A three day event that is open for designers, developers and entrepreneurs.  You can see more on the Startup Weekend here:

We are looking to take a team of 8 people to completely annihilate the competition.

We are looking for 2 developers and 2 designers.  Our hackathon will be the weekend before the competition and will be a one day event located at Bianchi’s Pizzeria from 11am -10pm. We have prizes for our top contenders, food for all competitors that show up, and if you win and join our team, your ticket, hotel, and ride to Startup Weekend | New Orleans is covered.

Your trip to New Orleans will include food and drinks at the event and we plan on having some local fun after the event.  So, come prepared to code, design, party, sleep, and then do it all over again.

Location Information:

Bianchi’s Pizzeria (11am – 10pm)
128 E Front St
Hattiesburg, MS 39401
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Our prizes include:
Brand New Mid-range Laptop (1st place prize) View laptop
6 Month Subscription to Lynda: (1st place prize) View Website
2x Amazon Gift Cards (2nd place prizes)

We will have a first place for the developer category and a first place for the designer category.  Same goes for the 2nd place finalists.


What Do I Need to Bring and Am I Good Enough?

You need a laptop or other useful device (since it will be on location at a Pizzeria with WiFi) and whatever you normally use to program or design.  We are not picky about what you use to do your work, as long as your do it well.  We have had a few questions about the criteria of the hackathon.  Without revealing to much about what we expect you to do onsite, our objectives will be broad but something that I can foresee us needing with Giglines in the near future to finish the project.  We are taking on all skill levels so the tasks will not be extremely hard, but you will be tested on various levels that either are or will be important to complete our project.

This is not as competitive as you may think…we just want to have fun and your ability to work with other people as well as your skills will determine your eligibility to join our team.  We have a very tight knit team so far and we work well together…so we are just looking to extend that to 4 more people.  So bring your skills, be yourself, and have fun.

If I Win, What Do I Do?

We will notify the winners at the end of the competition and give out our prizes.  At the end of the night, we will get any paperwork squared away to ensure that our team will be ready for the Startup Weekend the following weekend.  Friday afternoon, September 27th, we will pick you up and begin our drive to New Orleans.  After settling in, we can have some fun and start our team building experience.  During the competition, you will be advised of your role for the weekend by our CTO and a game plan will be initiated.  We have done this before, we have one first place before, and we plan on doing that and so much more Startup Weekend, so be ready to step your game up and get your name out there.

What Is In It For Me?

Aside from all of the free stuff you get through us for winning the competition (prizes, hotel accommodations, food, tickets to the main event, and the greatest team collaboration event you can get your hands on), New Orleans is busting at the seam for developers and designers and winning this event would not only get your national recognition but could help jump start your career quickly.  Startup Weekend is a global event held by some of the best and brightest in our fields.  Google (keynote speaker is Chief of engineering from Google) and other major players will be there representing their companies and possibly head-hunting.

Giglines is a start up that is being reviewed by major players in the Venture Capital funding area.  You will have the opportunity to be on the ground floor of a start up that could change the game for it’s users.  We need talent, and this competition and Startup Weekend is where we will find it.  If we succeed, you succeed.

All the best from Giglines…Good Luck!