We officially have our first investor!  An investor has invested to help us build the product.  After our initial estimates, this would get us about ¾ of the way through the project; however, recent estimates with our development and design staff are showing we may be able to build the entire site out with only this investment. 

There seem to be far too many startups that take significant venture capital/angel funding and blow it on parties, marketing, etc.  Our goal is to use every last penny as responsibly as possible.  We are aiming to use a blend of the two tech startup models, east and west coast.  East coast startups tend to build up an entire product, completely polished, before launching it publicly.  West coast startups tend to launch something as soon as they have a working product, even if it’s terrible.  We plan to blend these two and launch a complete site, but only for the Air Force and Navy.  We feel this will help us work through any initial problems we have so when we go live with all 5 services, most of the issues will have been worked out.

We just released Jason to start designing Air Force uniforms, and while he is doing that, I will figure out what Navy uniforms we have left, it should only be a handful at most.  Tyler will get to work on back-end development, which is mostly done, as this was heavily worked on in New Orleans.  We will be enlisting a friend of Eric and Tyler, Tara, to help us with a site redesign.  Once the site redesign is finalized, Tyler will code the front-end, which will include the ribbon builder, the uniform builder, e-commerce page, and other features.  Along with the uniforms, Jason will also design the memorabilia products to be featured on the site.

We are still looking for investment opportunities, but are hopefully the initial investment will get us through the initial site build.  All for now!

Patrick Bergstresser

Air Force Brat. NY Yankees fan. FC Barcelona fan. US Air Force Academy, Class of 2010. Active Duty US Navy Civil Engineer Corps Officer. Founder,