January Update


So, we haven’t updated in awhile so I figured I would write a post to talk about where we are currently at.

I recently returned from a deployment in support of my new unit, Naval Mobile Construction Battalion ELEVENT (NMCB 11).  I only spent about 6 weeks on deployment as I transferred to battalion after they deployed.

Since our last post, the entire site has been redesigned and it looks sweet!  We went for a modern, fresh look, taking advantage of a flat design.  I won’t post a screenshot here, just stay up to date with us, we’ll be launching in February it looks like!

Jason, our designer, has been busy at work finishing all the Air Force uniforms, which he recently completed.  He has started working on our merchandise.  Here’s a sneak peek of a draft of a Tech School Graduation certificate.  Navy Tech School Certificate Draft

Tyler, our developer has recently started coding the entire site, with the new design.  He should be done in mid-February.  All we have left is finalizing our merchandise and organizing all the medals, ribbons, badges, and rank insignia to ensure the uniform builder is complete and accurate.

We plan on doing some meetups with potential users, active duty military personnel.  We’ll set up some computers and buy them some food etc. to have them test out the site and give us direct feedback to help ensure the site is what the end user wants it to be.

Giglines will be growing in function soon after launch.  We are only initially launching with the Air Force and Navy to test out the site.  Once the kinks have been worked out, we will launch the other services.  In the meantime we will also incorporate an “electronic service record” aspect to the site that builds out each users profile significantly.  They will have the ability to track actual military achievements  (ex. weapon qualifications, military training courses completed, etc.) as well as deployments, job tours, and station assignments.  Of course all of this will keep OPSEC in mind (operational security).

Our team is meeting up this Friday to go over all this and so much more, we’ll be sure to update our readers!

Patrick Bergstresser

Air Force Brat. NY Yankees fan. FC Barcelona fan. US Air Force Academy, Class of 2010. Active Duty US Navy Civil Engineer Corps Officer. Founder, Giglines.com.